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Welcome to Penny. Penny is the newest film created by Chris Flaxman, in collaboration with Cables Wake Park Penrith, which showcases some of the world's most talented cable riders as they take to the rails, kickers and quarter pipe of Penny. Shot entirely at the one location, the stunning HD footage captures a unique look at the lifestyle and action of some of the best cable riders from across the planet, including Nico von Lerchenfeld, Andy Kolb, Marc Shuster, Daniel Grant, Matty Hasler, Tom Fooshee, James Windsor, Ethan Agius, Angelika Schriber and more. As they take their skills to a new level, these amazing riders will leave you inspired to race down to your local park and onto a board.
Starring Nico von Lerchenfeld, Andy Kolb, Marc Shuster
Director Chris Flaxman