Riot Police
Available on Disney+
Six riot police take part in an eviction that goes awry and end up with an immigrant in a coma after falling from a second-floor apartment. When they realize that their bosses are likely to hang them out to dry, they decide to do everything possible to find their own way out of the predicament. The Internal Affairs team charged with investigating them, headed up by the diligent Laia, learns what they are up to and demolishes their hopes of being vindicated. They try to maintain a united front, but the immigrant ends up dying from his injuries. The stress of the investigation itself and their personal circumstances start undermining their morale, their professional loyalty, and their friendship. Meanwhile, Laia starts to suspect that the case is much more complex than it seemed at the outset and that, for some reason, she is not being given all the information she needs. She decides to seek assistance from Diego, one of the six riot police, and to conduct her own personal investigation. Together, they uncover the plot of a real estate corruption scheme. Laia, increasingly obsessed with an investigation that is starting to affect her personal life, leaves no stone unturned and discovers that the corruption scheme goes even deeper than she thought and involves a number of corporate leaders, judges, and police chiefs.