Sean Cook

Actor Sean Cook's passion for acting and drama resounds impressively in his expansive background and repertoire. He attended the University of Wisconsin for acting, but quickly moved overseas to train at King Alfred's College in England. He toured with an acting troupe throughout the country and returned to the United States to enroll in Washington University. Cook's devotion to the stage shone brightly when he created a non-profit theater company in Seattle and immersed himself into the grassroots collective. By 2004, Cook started appearing on small roles on independent and short films. After a string of small gigs, his first major film was in John Carpenter's zombie horror movie "The Ward." Though the project was never a critical or commercial success, it helped Cook find a minor part in the private detective thriller "The Big Bang" starring Antonio Banderas. The next year, Cook continued acting in crime genres and received a role in the straight to DVD thriller "The Hit List." Academy Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. must prevent innocent people from being murdered on a hit list. Cook diversified his repertoire and most recently found a starring role in the absurd comedy "Turf," playing a member of a Los Angeles landscaping gang.