Harry Cleven

Actor Harry Cleven was known for his roles on the silver screen. Cleven began his acting career appearing mainly in films, such as the musical comedy "Les Annees 80" (1983) with Aischa Bentebouche, "Nous etions tous des noms d'arbres" (1983) and the Richard Bohringer sci-fi motion picture "Kamikaze" (1986). He also appeared in the thriller "Mascara" (1987) with Charlotte Rampling and the dramatic period piece "L' Oeuvre au noir" (1988) with Gian Maria Volonte. He continued to work steadily in film throughout the eighties and the nineties, appearing in "La Soule" (1989) with Richard Bohringer, the Irene Jacob fantasy "The Secret of Sarah Tombelaine" (1991) and "Toto the Hero" (1992) with Michel Bouquet. He also appeared in the comedy "La Sevillane" (1993) with Mireille Perrier and the Marie Bunel comedy "Lou Didn't Say No" (1994). Recently, he tackled roles in the dramatic comedy "Mina Tannenbaum" (1995) with Romane Bohringer, "For Ever Mozart" (1997) and the comedic drama "Hombres Complicados" (1997) with Dirk Roofthooft. He also appeared in "Everybody is a Killer" (2004). Cleven most recently acted in the drama "Amer" (2010) with Marie Bos.