Leo Lee

Stuntman and actor Leo Lee made his film debut in 1986 as one of the many fighters plaguing Kurt Russell in the wild action-comedy "Big Trouble in Little China." With his expert fighting skills and swift reflexes, Lee soon garnered work as a stuntman and supporting player. He went on to do stunts in such fan-loved action films as "Showdown in Little Tokyo," which co-starred action movie icon Dolph Lundgren and second-generation action star Brandon Lee; the kid-friendly martial arts adventure "Double Dragon"; and the Wesley Snipes vampire-slayer action epic "Blade." As an actor, Lee often played roles that are stunt-heavy, appearing in such action-packed features as the Arnold Schwarzenegger crime comedy "Kindergarten Cop" and the Jean-Claude Van Damme adventure "Double Impact." Though these bit parts and stunt roles haven't led Lee to stardom, they have made him prolific, amounting to appearances in more than 60 film and television productions in 25 years. And over the course of his hit-packed career, Lee has appeared alongside a number of Hollywood luminaries, sharing screen time with John Travolta in the heist-thriller "Swordfish," Alec Baldwin in the superhero adventure "The Shadow," and Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster in the mind-bending sci-fi drama "Contact." Although the action in his films might be more larger scale, Lee has also contributed to action television series like "Walker, Texas Ranger," "Nash Bridges," and "Alias."