Patrick Mille

Patrick Mille

Patrick Mille was an actor who graced the silver screen many times throughout his Hollywood career. In the beginning of his acting career, Mille starred in comedies like "Mon Pere Ce Heros" (1991) starring Gérard Depardieu, "Elles ne pensent qu'a ca" (1994) and "La Bostella" (2000) starring Edouard Baer. He also appeared in the TV movie "Lifeline" (USA, 1995-96). He continued to work steadily in film throughout the early 2000s, appearing in the foreign sequel "People" (2004) with Jose Garcia, the foreign "The Squatter" (2004) with Titoff and "Célibataires" (2006). He also appeared in "La Jungle" (2006) and the Gad Elmaleh foreign "The Valet" (2007). Recently, he tackled roles in the foreign "La Nuit Medicis" (2008) with Sam Karmann, "Je vais te manquer" (2009) and "Love Crime" (2011) with Ludivine Sagnier. He also appeared in the Tahar Rahim dramatic adaptation "Love and Bruises" (2011). Most recently, Mille acted in the foreign "En équilibre" (2015) with Cécile De France.



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