Takashi Tsukamoto

Takashi Tsukamoto

Takashi Tsukamoto (塚本高史, Tsukamoto Takashi) is a Japanese actor, singer, and model. He has released three single CDs: "Itsudemo Boku wa" (いつでも僕は, Anytime I am. .), "Hitorigoto" (ヒ・ト・リ・ゴ・ト, Soliloquy), "New Morning". He also portrayed the character Shinji Mimura in the controversial film Battle Royale, along with this he has also portrayed the character Gion Toji in the video game Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! In both voice and likeness that was captured using facial scanning technology. He narrated the 2015 film Junk Story, which documents the life of musician hide.

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