Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi

Theodore "Ted" Raimi is an American character actor, director, comedian, and writer. He is known for his roles in the works of his brother Sam Raimi, including a fake Shemp in The Evil Dead, possessed Henrietta in Evil Dead II, and Ted Hoffman in the Spider-Man trilogy. He later reprised his role as Henrietta in the television series Ash vs. Evil Dead, in which he also played the character Chet Kaminski. He is also known for his roles as Lieutenant JG Tim O'Neill in seaQuest DSV and Joxer the Mighty in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Raimi has appeared in minor roles in a number of other films and television series, including the films Crimewave, Intruder, Shocker, Darkman, Candyman, Army of Darkness, Clear and Present Danger, The Grudge, Drag Me to Hell, and Oz the Great and Powerful, as well as the television series ALF, Twin Peaks, Baywatch, and Supernatural. He has had voice roles in the television series Invader Zim and Code Monkeys, and in the video game Evil Dead: Regeneration.

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