An Unexpected Event

S1, E1: An Unexpected Event

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Bloom is an ordinary girl living on Earth with her parents, Mike and Vanessa, and her pet rabbit Kiko. While on summer vacation, Bloom spots a battle between a fairy, Stella, and an ogre, Knut. As Stella's magic sceptre is stolen, she intervenes, discovering that she has magical powers and manages to turn the tide. While Knut and his ghouls retreat, Stella faints and Bloom returns with her to her house. That night, Stella awakens and suggests that Bloom attends Alfea, a school for fairies to fully master her new powers. As the two talk, Knut returns with more ghouls and a hunting troll, and launches a surprise attack. While Stella transforms and manages to hold them off temporarily, she is quickly overwhelmed. Just as the creatures try to finish her, four warriors known as the specialists named Timmy, Riven, Brandon and Prince Sky capture the troll while Stella and Bloom knock out Knut using magic blasts, Bloom again tapping into her latent magic. The next morning, Bloom decides to leave for Alfea.