Beautiful Something
Drew (Colman Domingo, The Birth of a Nation, Fear the Walking Dead, Selma) is a world-renowned metal sculptor struggling to finish his latest masterpiece. His young lover, Jim (Zach Ryan), is tormented by Drew's obsession with his work and escapes into the night, desperately searching for some kind of connection. Cute, twenty-two-year-old Brian (Brian Sheppard) is a lovesick writer aching for the guy he cannot have. Bob (John Lescault) is a powerful talent agent in his mid-sixties prowling the streets for the ghost of his long-lost lover. On a single night in Philadelphia, each wanders out into the dark, and each will cross paths with the other, sending shockwaves through their lives. In this funny, tender and sexy film, all are confronted with the reality that love must be accepted on love's terms. And as the sun rises at the end of this soul's dark night, love will be recognised, vulnerability embraced, and boys will return home as men.
Starring Brian Sheppard, Zack Ryan, Colman Domingo
Director Joseph Graham