The Binding
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Sarah and Bram Iman are picture-perfect small town newlyweds. But the night after their baby's baptism, a miracle happens: Bram confesses to Sarah that he was visited by God almighty himself. Joy quickly turns to suspicion as it becomes clear that Bram thinks he must sacrifice their only child for the greater good. Scared for her child's safety, Sarah's faith in God and trust in her husband is shaken and she no longer knows what to believe in and who to trust. With her world torn apart, Sarah embarks on a desperate race for the truth - could Bram really be communing with God, or is he spiralling into violent insanity? Sarah soon learns she has no choice but to fight to the death... but for who? Her husband? Her God? Or her child?
Starring Amy Gumenick, Leon Russom, Max Adler
Director Gus Krieger