The Passion Within
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Set in 1940s Spain, The Passion Within, tells the true story of Spain's most famous bullfighter Manuel "Manolete" Rodriguez Sanchez (Brody) and his obsessive love for actress and social beauty Lupe Sino (Cruz) who becomes the love of his life, until his untimely and tragic death in the bullring at the age of 30. Lupe and Manolete couldn't be more different from each other. She is in love with life and he is in love with death. Their love for each other is passionate, explosive, dangerous and ultimately tragic. On the last day of Manolete's life, after a bitter argument with Lupe, he enters the bullring for the last time filled with sadness and rage. He has lost the will to fight. Having shown Manolete how to live, Lupe ultimately also shows him how to die.
Starring Adrien Brody, Penélope Cruz, Ann Mitchell
Director Menno Meyjes