Christopher Shyer

Christopher Shyer

Canadian actor Christopher Shyer has been a regular television presence specializing in sinister and slimy characters since the mid-1990s. After years of theater work, he broke into television in 1998 as a handyman on the Canadian soap opera "Riverdale." A more prestigious part came in the 2000 miniseries "Nuremberg," a dramatization of the Nazi war crimes trials, with Shyer as Brigadier General Telford Taylor, who served as a chief prosecutor. On television, his first notable multi-episode role came in 2002 on the legal drama series "The Practice" as Lawrence O'Malley, a deranged serial killer who believes that he is Hannibal Lecter. The next year included one of his favorite projects to date when Shyer played George Malley in 2006 the television sequel "Phenomenon II," who mysteriously becomes a genius overnight, just like John Travolta in the first "Phenomenon." After a one-season run on the Canadian thriller series "Whistler" as sinister hotel owner Adrien Varland, he landed another regular series part on the science-fiction show "V" as Marcus, the right-hand man of alien invasion commander Anna. When the program came to an end in 2011, Shyer stayed busy by playing president Richard Nixon in the prestige biopic "J. Edgar" and directing his first play, the musical "The Wild Party."


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