Corbett Monica

Corbett Monica

By the early 60s, Monica became a popular figure in the nightclubs of Las Vegas and Atlantic City where he opened for some of the top acts of his day. His frequent stints with Frank Sinatra made him a virtual member of the Rat Pack, an alliance that won him the role of Larry Corbett, the manager and friend of Joey Bishop for two seasons of "The Joey Bishop Show" (NBC, then CBS) after two other sidekicks were fired from the program. In addition, Monica racked up 18 appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" (CBS) and was a frequent guest host on NBC's "The Tonight Show." Later in his career, now known as a old-fashioned nightclub comedian, Monica portrayed himself in the 1984 Woody Allen film "Broadway Danny Rose" and appeared in a 1986 Cinemax special "But Seriously Folks," starring fellow old-school funnymen Jan Murray and Shecky Greene. His other screen appearances include a turn in the 1970 Vegas-set melodrama "The Grasshopper" with Jacqueline Bisset, Jim Brown and Joseph Cotten and he also acted in the 1972 ABC TV-movie "Call Her Mom," starring Connie Stevens. In the mid-80s, Monica moved to Miami, continuing to tour with singers, most frequently with Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. A true veteran comedian, he was adept at reading an audience and tailoring his jokes to suit them.