Greg MacGillivray

Greg MacGillivray

Greg MacGillivray is a film director of adventurous, visually breathtaking short features for the IMAX format and is the co-founder (with Jim Freeman) of MacGillivray Freeman Films, a production company that specializes in making the technically impressive documentaries. He is also a surfer and in the late 1960s and early 1970s produced, with Freeman, a number of highly-regarded films like "The Performers," "Waves of Change," "Free and Easy," "The Moods of Surfing," and "Five Summer Stories," the latter considered a classic by surfing aficionados. In 2010, after years of working on other types of documentaries, he returned to his love of surfing with the documentary "Hollywood Don't Surf!"," which chronicles how misunderstood the lifestyle and sport are when portrayed in motion pictures. While MacGillivray's surfing films are considered excellent, it is his extraordinary IMAX pictures such as "Everest," "The Living Sea," "Dolphins," and many others, that have proven crowd-pleasers the world over. Whether capturing life at the top of the world or at the bottom of the sea, the films are technically rich, environmentally aware documents of the complexities of life on earth.