Lee Evans

Lee Evans

Lee Evans garnered recognition in the early 1990s with his outlandish, physical style of stand-up comedy. Evans's act often ended with him dripping in sweat and winded, due to his extremely active, high-intensity observational comedy routine. Evans became so highly regarded as a comic that he was honored with the Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 1993-- the most prestigious comedy honor in the United Kingdom. Winning the Perrier propelled Evans into television. He was given his own series in 1995, entitled "The World of Lee Evans," which he starred in, wrote, and composed music for. The series was short-lived but it did allow for more exposure, which led to comedic character roles in films. Evans saw an increasing number of film roles in the 1990s, with parts in the sci-fi action film "The Fifth Element," the gross out comedy "There's Something About Mary," and a co-lead alongside Nathan Lane in the family comedy "Mousehunt." He continued to act in the 2000s, but never really gained any more significant leading roles, aside from a recurring voice acting part in the adventure mini-series "Dinotopia." Despite never being able to parlay his British success to American fame, Evans managed to develop a devout cult following in his native England, and even landed a guest spot on the wildly popular series "Doctor Who" in 2009.