Brian Limond, known as Limmy, is a Scottish comedian, author, and Twitch streamer. While working as a website designer and Flash developer, he began releasing comedy on his website and blog, Limmy.com, which contained various Flash-based projects. In late 2006, he released a daily podcast called Limmy's World of Glasgow, which received interest from the mainstream British media.After continuing his comedy work for several years, Limmy was commissioned by BBC Scotland to create his own sketch comedy show, Limmy's Show. The show ran for three series and a Christmas special between 2010 and 2013, and won two BAFTA Scotland awards. He returned to BBC Scotland with another sketch comedy show, Limmy's Homemade Show, with a one-off episode in 2018 and a full series in 2020. Limmy has also engaged in various other pursuits, such as writing several books and performing live shows. He is a prolific user of online media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and previously Vine.