Steven Gilborn

Steven Gilborn is an actor with a professional background in academia and literature, who often plays benevolent, sometimes hapless teachers, doctors, and other authority figures or white-collar professionals. On the period comedy drama "The Wonder Years," starring Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold, Gilborn played Kevin's math teacher, Mr. Collins, who clashes with Savage's character, who resists his teacher's attempts to push him further towards his potential. It's not until after his teacher dies that Kevin realizes just how much their relationship meant and what Mr. Collins's true aims were in terms of Kevin's success as a math student. In the sitcom "Ellen," starring Ellen DeGeneres, Gilborn played Ellen's father, who, when Ellen famously came out as a lesbian, was afraid she would not have a happy life or a family. In "The Brady Bunch Movie," a comedy film depicting the 1970s sitcom family living anachronistically in the 1990s, Gilborn played patriarch Mike Brady's boss, Mr. Phillips, at the architectural firm where Brady worked. Many of the comedic moments came as a result of Mike Brady's (played by Gary Cole) misinterpreting Mr. Phillip's gentle suggestions that Brady's designs and general lifestyle may be out of date. In 1998's family comedy "Doctor Dolittle," a remake of the 1967 Rex Harrison film, starring Eddie Murphy, Gilborn played a doctor colleague of the title character. The same year, he played A.D.A. Gavin Bullock, a fairly minor but visible character, for six episodes on the legal drama "The Practice," starring Dylan McDermott.