Amish Mafia
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In the Amish settlement in Pennsylvania's Lancaster County, keeping the peace and carrying out justice is the responsibility of Lebanon Levi. He doesn't hold the title of police chief, yet he holds all the power of one, if not more. Levi exists above the law and occupies the role of police, judge and jury in a community that, untrusting of traditional law enforcement authorities, relies on a group of men for protection and justice. `Amish Mafia' depicts the work carried out by Levi and three of his assistants, namely keeping outside forces from infiltrating the Amish community, while keeping the principles and morality within the community in check. The Amish church, according to Discovery, denies the existence of this unique `police' force, so some identifying information in the series has been changed, and some scenes are re-enacted.
Starring Lebanon Levi