Chong Ming Wei
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During the Ming Dynasty, strange goings-on at a house of ill repute bring together three very different young people: the upstanding and ever-curious Duan Jin (Chen Ye Lin), Duan Rong (Yu Yue), his sister, and a justice-loving martial arts expert who often has to dress as a man in order to ply her trade unhindered by social convention, and a budding young detective named Xu He Qiao (Leon Li). After a powerful man stumbles into the house of ill repute, steaming drunk, something mysterious happens, and the man is found dead in his room. Suspicion falls upon one of the male protagonists after he discovers the body, and the authorities want him arrested. But the trio soon starts to suspect that this is quite the open-and-shut case it first seems to be. After eventually getting to the bottom of this case, the three brilliant young minds decide to pool their talents and solve greater mysteries. As they continue to do so, they start to discover evidence suggesting the cases they look into may be linked to a larger and more sinister conspiracy than first thought, possibly involving supernatural elements… “Chong Ming Wei” is a 2018 Chinese drama series that was directed by Yan Le Yang.
Starring Lee Cheon