Shining For One Thing
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It is 2021, and Lin Bei Xing (Zhang Jia Ning) is approaching 30. She works at a zoo, where she is paid to dress up in an animal suit all day. She is looking forward to getting married to Zhan Yu (Wu Xi Ze), a man whose heart she has been trying to win – and hold onto – since her high school days. But just before the wedding, he tells her that the wedding is off – and that he never loved her in the first place. She tries all sorts of stunts in a bid to regain his love. And in a last desperate bid to convince him to go ahead with the wedding, she asks him to dress up in his high school clothes so they can go back to their old school and take photos. She also dresses in her old uniform and even reactivates the 2G cell phone she used to use in 2010. But when she’s waiting for him at school, she accidentally deletes a message on her old phone – and appears to be transported to a parallel “past” universe. Here she meets the dashing Zhang Wan Sen (Qu Chu Xiao), an exceptionally talented student who met a terrible fate back in 2010. She is later brought back to her “reality” in 2021, but finds she is able to return to 2010 – and the eve of her college entrance exam – by deleting more messages on the 2G phone. She resolves to memorize the answers to the 2010 test and go back so she can change her past. But each time she travels back, she encounters Zhang Wan Sen again – and draws ever closer to him. Could she find a way to undo his tragic fate – and fix her own miserable “future?” “Shining For One Thing” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Xiao Ming and Zhang Pan.