The Witch Store
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For as long as she can remember, Hye Ji (Jang Hye Won) has had a crush on her classmate, Yoo Ho (Jeong Hyo Jun) but no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t seem to capture his attention. Wishing with all her might that she might finally meet a guy who returns her feelings, Hye Ji finds herself at the one place on earth that might actually be able to help her make her wish come true: The Witch Store. Run by a talented witch, The Witch Store is only visible to those who have a wish they desperately want to come true. With dreams of Yoo Ho filling her head, Hye Ji makes her wish, but as soon as she does, things take a most unexpected turn. Not only does she find herself standing face-to-face with a now teenage witch who calls herself Young Ji (Lee Hyun Joo) but she also agrees to start working as the Witch Store’s newest part-timer. With Young Ji by her side, Hye Ji wonders how long it will take for Yoo Ho to start noticing her. But instead of catching Yoo Ho’s eye, Hye Ji soon realizes she may have inadvertently captured the attention of her childhood neighbor, the handsome judo player, Sung Woo (Yeo One).  Thrilled by Sung Woo’s attention, Hye Ji’s feelings for Yoo Ho begin to waver. How will she know which boy is her destiny when her heart is pulling her in so many different directions? A delightful little high school romance, “The Witch Store” is a 2019 South Korean romantic comedy drama directed by Jung Sung Bin.