Joe Frank - Somewhere Out There
JOE FRANK - SOMEWHERE OUT THERE is a documentary feature that explores the life of award-winning audio artist Joe Frank whose career on NPR and on-line has spanned four decades. Frank's highly produced radio shows and monologues can be described as innovative, abstract, underground, autobiographical, surreal, funny, disturbing and thought provoking meditations on the human condition. The film stars Joe Frank, Harry Shearer, Ira Glass, David Cross, Grace Zabriskie, Alexander Payne, Larry Block, Debi Mae West, Ryan Cutrona, Laura Esterman, Tim Jerome, Larry Josephson, Terry Kinney, Arthur Miller, David Rapkin, and Lester Nafzger among others. The doc weaves their stories together with a wide variety of Joe's radio shows to reveal his art, creative process and intriguing personal life.
Starring Joe Frank, Harry Shearer, David Cross
Director D.P. Carlson