Bob Smeaton

Before working in television, Bob Smeaton had his start in a decidedly different industry, working in the shipyards. However, he soon left to pursue a career in music with his rock band, White Heat. Despite signing with Virgin Records, the band soon split, leaving Smeaton to search for another career. In his next move, Smeaton found himself in front of the camera as a TV presenter for the shows "Off the Peg" and "Colour Programme," but he was more interested in behind-the-scenes work. Beginning as a production runner, he was able to climb through the ranks to director, focusing primarily on the world of music. Smeaton's most successful work has been"The Beatles Anthology," for which he was a series director and writer. "The Beatles Anthology" went on to earn a Grammy win and an Emmy nomination. Smeaton also won a Grammy for his "Hendrix: Band of Gypsys" documentary. For his first feature film, he directed the documentary "Festival Express," documenting the exploits of rock stars travelling across Canada via train in the summer of 1970.