Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips is an award-winning British actor who got his start in the film "Measure to Measure" (2006). He became better known after starring in the UK television series "Age of The Living Dead" (2018-), "No Easy Days" (2018) and "The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan" film trilogy. Phillips is also cited and won awards for his gruesome portrayal of Santa Claus in Christmas horror features "Once Upon a Time at Christmas" (2017) and "The Nights Before Christmas" (2019). His 2021 feature film "Butchers," garnered praise from The Guardian Newspaper, a British daily newspaper, stating "It's Phillips' performance that keeps the film's pulse going. His Owen is exhilaratingly unpredictable, alternating between moments of meticulous villainy and sheer lunacy - one moment he will be refitting a spooky music box while eyeing his oblivious prey, next he will be whacking his victim bloodily, channelling a kind of biblical righteousness that makes him slippery, fascinating and, most importantly, terrifying to watch."