Unmatchable Match
Undercover cop Cheung Long (Stephen Chow) was fed up for his duty had created a lot of misunderstanding between him and his lived-in girlfriend Mandy (Vivian Chow). Though Long tried his best to clarify, Mandy refused to continue their relationship. Long's superior Inspector C.K. Lee (Danny Lee) investigating a jewelry robbery leaded by Big Mad (Shing Fui On), so Lee assigned Long to work for Inspector David Ng (Alan Ng), a very goal-oriented person, to solve the case. David instructed Long to take up the identity as convict to get acquainted to Lee Wan Fay (Chen Hui Min) who was a stolen good dealer and a mob leader. Long had no other choice but to take up the assignment...
Starring Stephen Chow, Vivian Chow, Wai-Man Chan
Director Parkman Wong