The Defender
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As the President of the United States (Jerry Springer) stands firm amidst the global war on terror, the National Security Agency faces a deadly paradox around infamous terrorist figurehead, Mohamed Jamar. Jamar is a man who cannot be killed for fear of him becoming a martyr, nor, can he be allowed to continue operating. Hoping to buy the 'invisibility' of Jamar, American officials arrange a clandestine meeting in Bucharest, sending only NSA head, Roberta Jones, and her small security team of six to negotiate. When the rendezvous is ambushed by a ruthless unknown foe, NSA bodyguard Lance Rockford (Dolph Lundgren) is forced into a situation which challenges his very beliefs. He must find and protect Jamar, a man who embodies everything he has dedicated his life to fight against...
Starring Dolph Lundgren, Jerry Springer, Shakara Ledard
Director Dolph Lundgren