French Stewart

French Stewart

Born Milton French-Stewart in Albuquerque, New Mexico, actor French Stewart was a graduate of Del Norte High School. Stewart was a student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was a member of a regional theater touring company before transitioning into television. The very first role he booked was the DJ Razor Dee on the second and final season of "The New WKRP in Cincinnati" (CBS, 1991-93). In 1994 Stewart appeared in an episode of "Seinfeld" (NBC, 1989-1998), and in the movie "Stargate" (1994). In 1996 Stewart scored his breakout role when he was cast as alien-in-hiding Harry Solomon in the series "Third Rock from the Sun" (NBC, 1996-2001). The series ran for six seasons and Stewart quickly became known as one of the most reliable laugh getters in its cast, alongside John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Kristen Johnston. During that period, Stewart also appeared in a number of features including "McHale's Navy" (1997), "Love Stinks" (1999), and "Bartok the Magnificent" (1999). In 2000 he appeared in guest roles on a number of television shows including "Charmed" (CW, 1998-2006), "The Drew Carey Show" (ABC, 1995-2004), "The Closer" (TNT, 205-2012). And "Psych" (USA, 2006-09). In 2013 Stewart was cast on the series "Mom" (CBS, 2013-) as Chef Rudy, the boss of Anna Faris' Christy Plunkett. Stewart appeared as himself in an episode of "The Birthday Boys" (IFC, 2013-15), and on an episode of "Hell's Kitchen" (Fox, 2005-).


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