MyAnna Buring

MyAnna Buring

The disarmingly smart and surprisingly centered MyAnna Buring was born in Sweden and raised by ex-pat parents in the Middle East, where she attended the American British Academy in Oman. But the rebellious Buring dropped out of school at 16 and tried her hand at building an independent life in Stockholm. Once she realized she might be wasting the opportunities afforded by her access to an education, the actor moved to the U.K. to attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, from which she graduated in 2004. After appearances on the British police drama "Murder Prevention" (Channel 5 2004) and long-running BBC medical drama "Casualty" (1986-) Buring's first big break was a featured role as Sam in the low-budget Scottish spelunking thriller "The Descent" (2005). The all-female cast and scenes of tense claustrophobia drew a modicum of international praise for the film. This was followed by small parts in the remake of 1970s horror classic "The Omen" (2006) and Edgar Wright's faux trailer in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's double feature "Grindhouse" (2007). During this era, Buring worked regularly on British television, including guest shots on the beloved sci-fi classic "Doctor Who" (BBC America 2010-), long running mystery "Midsomer Murders" (ITV 1997-) and crime procedural "The Bill" (ITV 1984-2010)Following a series of low-budget supernatural thrillers like "Freakdog" (2008), "Credo" (2008), comedy-horror romp "Lesbian Vampire Killers" (2009) and a poorly-received sequel to her breakthrough film "The Descent Part 2"(2009), Buring's career experienced and uptick with her role in the critically-favored action drama "Kill List" (2011), for which she received a Best Actress Nomination from the British Independent Film Awards. The buzz from this major leap forward swept her into the whirlwind of her next major project, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1." Her success in "Kill List" gave her the confidence to submit her reel for the role of Tanya, compelling leader of the Denali coven, and she landed the part without having to read for it.The international success of those films had a hand in raising her television profile back in Britain, apparently raising the quality level of Buring's television offers. The actress had a guest role in the 2012 Christmas Special airing of the phenomenally popular soap "Downton Abbey" (PBS 2010-16), and then joined the cast of historical police drama "Ripper Street" (BBC 2012-16) as Whitechapel brothel madam Long Susan.


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