Wendy Gazelle

Over the course of her lengthy career, character actress Wendy Gazelle has appeared in everything from primetime TV series to Hollywood dramas. Gazelle, who initially trained to be a ballet dancer, became interested in acting during the early 1980s. After leaving school she appeared in several Broadway and summer stock productions before moving to Los Angeles. Gazelle made her film debut in 1985 with a small role in the box-office misfire "Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins," an action-adventure comedy about a New York City police officer (Fred Ward) who fakes his own death to join a super-secret organization dedicated to protecting the United States. She next appeared as John Cusack's spoiled girlfriend in the teen comedy "Hot Pursuit" and portrayed a snobby high schooler in the '60s-era coming-of-age drama "The In Crowd." After playing a fugitive in the 1995 techno-thriller "The Net," Gazelle transitioned to television, scoring guest appearances on late 1990s fantasy shows like "The Pretender," about a man who can take over people's personalities; the short-lived sci-fi drama "The Visitor"; and one of her highest-profile small-screen roles as the wife of a demonically possessed factory worker in the cult paranormal series "The X-Files." In the early 2000s, Gazelle appeared in primetime medical series like "House M.D." and "Private Practice," a spin-off of the popular drama "Grey's Anatomy."