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Organize Işler

Organize Işler

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Asim Noyan is head of a gang that makes money with the sale of stolen cars. One day he stumbles into the home of the unsuccessful Superman impersonation Samet, who is just about ready to end his life. Impressed by the Superman costume, Asim takes him right on in with the criminal clan. A few blocks away lingers the unsuccessful sociologist Yusuf Ziya Ocak. He suffers from the lack of public interest in his latest publication. But just on the same day an unexpected literary prize brings him the long-awaited recognition. With the prize money he decides to give his daughter a car. That they buy from Asim, but already the first spin in the car ends for Umut at the police station. Umut seeks revenge. To beat the scammers with their own means, she will stop at nothing. And then the accidental acquaintance with the big mafia boss Müslüm Duralmaz comes just right...
Starring Yılmaz Erdoğan, Tolga Cevik, Demet Akbag
Director Yılmaz Erdoğan