Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Director Jason Moore made his way to the world of film once he had made his name on Broadway. After studying at Chicago's Northwestern University, Moore's first credits included adapting Clyde Edgerton's novel "The Floatplane Notebooks" for the stage in 1996 with fellow Northwestern alumnus Paul Fitzgerald. In New York City, his first hands-on experience with musicals came when he became one of the directors on the long-running production "Les Miserables." His big break then came in 2003 when he directed the quirky musical "Avenue Q," a complicated technical feat that involved coordinating both puppets and people. The results were highly acclaimed and commercially successful, opening Off-Broadway in March 2003 before moving to Broadway proper four months later, where it played for six years and made over $117 million. Moore's contributions were recognized with a Tony nomination. Next he tackled drama with a revival of the women's melodrama "Steel Magnolias" before taking on his first screen-to-stage adaptation with "Shrek The Musical." In addition to his theatrical work, Moore began directing television shows in 2001 when he helmed three episodes of the teenage soap opera "Dawson's Creek." After working on several more TV series, he finally realized his ambition of making a feature film with the 2012 comedy "Pitch Perfect," which starred Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow. The movie was, fittingly for Moore, set in the world of singing competitions.