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Gary DeVore

Gary DeVore

DeVore's first big screenwriting credit was for the "The Dogs of War" (1980), starring Tom Berenger and Christopher Walken. Many of his screenplays were action based, including the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle "Raw Deal" and 1995's "Pentathalon." Mixing action and comedy, he had a hit with "Running Scared," which teamed Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines. The formula was less successful for "Traxx" (1988), starring one-time girlfriend Priscilla Barnes. DeVore also wrote the screenplay for the romantic comedy "Back Roads" (1981), starring Sally Field and longtime friend Tommy Lee Jones. For the small screen, he penned the script for and served as executive producer of "Heart of Steel" (ABC, 1983), a vehicle for Peter Strauss, and "The Heat," the 1989 action adventure "CBS Summer Playhouse" special about a group of young crime fighters. DeVore had also finished the screenplay for "Solo" a spy thriller which Harold Becker was attached to direct.