Luke Edwards

Luke Edwards

Young actor whose feature film career began with the demanding role of Fred Savage's traumatized brother, a child video-gamehead with a touch of genius in "The Wizard" (1989). Edwards followed this up with TV appearances on "21 Jump Street" (1989) and "Roseanne" (1989) and finally another agonistic role, that of young Steven who is kidnapped and severely abused in the true-life TV miniseries, "I Know My First Name Is Steven" (1989). On the TV show "Davis Rules" (1991-92), Edwards played one of the three sons of elementary school principal and single parent. He next turned up in the failed Disney musical "Newsies" (1992) as one of the group of singing, dancing pre-teen newsboys who go on strike. Edwards advanced to a starring role in the family feature, "Little Big League," playing a callow heir to a major league baseball team.