Stronger by Stress: Biohacking Documentary
Unexpected events and chaotic situations are bound to happen. No matter how advanced we think we are as a species, there is always something unpredictable that could cripple us as not only individuals but as an entire society. It's not a matter of if but when. We can’t do much about preventing these events from happening - we can only prepare for them in advance. Humans and other life forms have developed complex systems for dealing with environmental stressors. In fact, these pathways actually make us more resilient against the same kind of stress in the future. Thus, we become stronger by the stress we experience. The biological phenomenon for this is called ‘hormesis’. Stronger by Stress is a documentary film about leveraging the concept of hormesis to our advantage with the help of biohacking. It talks about the science of stress, how it affects our bodies, what to do for stress management and which kind of positive stressors we should incorporate into our lives. Learn from the world’s top experts in biohacking and health optimization.
Starring Leigh Ewin, Teemu Arina, Siim Land
Director Andzei