Get Back Up
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It’s been a long and remarkable career - but, as the Blue October members themselves have admitted in characteristically candid fashion, things certainly haven’t always been easy. Their struggles over the years with substance abuse, Justin's subsequent treatment and recovery, have all been well-documented in their songs. Justin allowed himself to be filmed for the first seven plus years of his recovery journey for the documentary, Get Back Up, which will be released in 2020. The film takes an unwavering look at destruction and havoc that impacted not only his own life, but everyone around him. The self inflicted damage that destroys families, friendships and careers. A redemptive story that reminds us that if you don’t quit on yourself and the people in your life don’t quit on you, there is a path rebuilding everything you’ve lost and more by simply making the choice to do the next right thing, one moment at a time.
Starring Justin Furstenfeld, Sarah Furstenfeld, Jeremy Furstenfeld
Director Norry Niven