Dean Riesner

Dean Riesner

Dean Riesner was a prolific American film and television writer.\nRiesner's father, Charles Reisner, was a German American silent film director, and Dean began acting in films at the age of five. His career at this young age ended because his mother wanted her son to have a real childhood. As an adult, his first job in films was as a co-writer of the 1939 Ronald Reagan movie Code of the Secret Service.\nRiesner won an Oscar for directing Bill and Coo, a feature film with a cast of real birds, costumed as humans, acting on the world's smallest film set.\nThroughout the 1950s and 1960s, Riesner worked primarily in television, including writing for Rawhide and the \"Tourist Attraction\" episode of The Outer Limits, although he occasionally contributed to feature films like The Helen Morgan Story. In 1968 he landed a job working on the Clint Eastwood action film Coogan's Bluff, and this in turn would lead to him writing several other Eastwood features throughout the 1970s. Riesner helped pen the screenplays for two Eastwood films in 1971, Play Misty for Me and the original Dirty Harry.