Hal Cumpston

Hal Cumpston

Actor Hal Cumpston was born in Sydney, Australia. Both Cumpston's parents were involved in the Australian film and television industry. Cumpston was heavily involved in drama programs throughout his time at high school and has stated that he always knew he'd be an actor or a comedian. When he was 18 years old Cumpston wrote, produced and starred in his first feature film, "Bilched" (2017). Cumpston stated that he filmed it in response to the coming of age films about teenagers that were coming out of the US. "Aussie teens are pretty funny, I wanted to capture that," he said. In addition to acting, he performed standup comedy, and earned a spot as a finalist in the Australian Class Clown competition. In 2019 it was announced that Cumpston had been cast as a lead role in a spinoff of "The Walking Dead" (AMC 2010-) scheduled to premiere in 2020.