Silvia Pinal

Silvia Pinal

Silvia Verónica Pinal Hidalgo is a Mexican film, theater and television actress. Pinal began her career in the theater, venturing into cinema in 1949. Pinal reached popularity during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. Her film work and popularity in her native country led her to work in Europe (Spain and Italy). Pinal achieved international recognition by starring in a famous film trilogy by director Luis Buñuel: Viridiana (1961), El ángel exterminador (1962) and Simón del desierto (1965). In addition to her outstanding career in film, Pinal has also excelled in other areas. She was a pioneer of the Musical theatre in Mexico in addition to venturing into television, as an actress and producer. At one point in her life, Pinal also ventured into politics and held some public office in her native country. Her career spans over sixty years and she is still active as of 2020.