Christopher McCulloch

Christopher McCulloch

Before he matriculated at Rutgers University, comic book writer, TV actor, storyboard artist and voice over actor Christopher McCulloch worked at the comic book store in his hometown where he created his own original superhero comic Cement Shooz. While promoting the title in New York City at a comic book convention, McCulloch was approached by Ben Edlund the creator of the character and comic book franchise The Tick. Edlund tapped McCulloch to write a Tick spinoff series. McCulloch accepted and began work on The Tick: Karma Tornado #1-4 and did some of the penciling work for the third issue in the series. Later, when "The Tick: The Animated Series" (Fox, 1994-1998) order was increased, Edlund tapped McCulloch as both a storyboard artist and a staff writer. In 2000 while working to pitch something to Comedy Central, McCulloch worked on his first draft of what would eventually become "The Venture Brothers" (Adult Swim 2004-) cartoon. McCulloch had conceived the concept as a short comics story but elected to try to adapt it for television. McCulloch eventually sold "The Venture Brothers" to Adult Swim; the pilot was produced in 2003 and it began airing the following year. McCulloch also wrote and did voices for another AdultSwim project, the animated series "Superjail!" (Adult Swim, 2008-2015). He also voiced the character of Hiram McDaniels on the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale."