Must Be Love
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At 17, Patchot Espinosa (Kathryn Bernardo), lives a pretty simple life. Just like any other girl, Patchot is content helping her father run their small business. Despite their unshakable bond, Patchot secretly longs for the love of a mother. But this is not only Patchot's unfulfilled longing as she also harbors a secret admiration for Ivan Martinez (Daniel Padilla), her best bud. In one instance, Patchot accidentally confessed her feelings to Ivan. The young man responded by just laughing at her. Then comes Angel (Liza Soberano), Patchot's cousin from the US, whom Ivan is obviously smitten with. Heartbroken, Patchot finds herself joining a beauty competition. Ivan then starts seeing Patchot in a new light, far from being a simple, unkempt girl to a young woman of grace and confidence. Ivan now finds himself torn between his feelings for Angel and Patchot. Has he been in love with Patchot all this time? Will Patchot fight for her love and finally admit her real feelings to Ivan?
Starring Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, John Estrada
Director Dado C. Lumibao