Fall in Love With Him
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Carefully selected by the all-powerful Sariel, Qin Zan (Jason Fu), Sikong Ming (Chen Yu Cheng), Yan Meng (Liang Bo Wen), and Bai Ze (Pan Xing Yu) have been chosen to accept the title of “Mr. Time”. With no memories of their own, these four very special men are charged with harvesting the love, family, and friendships of A104, the region of the world to which they’ve been assigned. Going about their work, Qin Zan, Sikong Ming, Yan Meng, and Bai Ze all repeatedly cross paths with Xiang Ling Er (Eunice Han), a girl who constantly seems to be in danger. While none of the Mr. Times can remember Xiang Ling Er, they can’t help but shake the feeling that she is somehow connected to them. As the strings of their collective fates wind ever-tighter, the five slowly come to realize that behind the trials and obstacles of their lives, lies a sinister power bent on controlling not only the collective Mr. Times, but also the world. Turning their back on their orders, the four Mr. Times choose to fight against the dark power threatening to take over the world. But will their efforts be enough to save those they’ve come to love? An exciting tale of love and betrayal, “Fall in Love With Him” is a 2021 sci-fi romance drama.