Light Chaser Rescue
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When a devastating earthquake rocks Xichuan, Luo Ben (Luo Yun Xi), an attorney hailing from the area, is shaken to his very core. With his younger sister living in the area hit hardest by the quake, Luo Ben knows he won’t find rest until he’s certain his sister is safe. Leaving just as quickly as he can, Luo Ben tries to steel himself for the worst, knowing full well that his efforts to find his sister might not go as well as he hopes. Soon after arriving in Xichuan, Luo Ben finds himself crossing paths with a hard-nosed rescue squad captain and Zhan Yan (Wu Qian), a brilliant doctor with whom he shares a rather unpleasant past. Despite their past differences, Luo Ben can’t help but come to admire the selflessness Zhan Yan demonstrates as she works tirelessly to help those suffering around her. As Luo Ben works alongside the rescue unit, he finds himself admiring their sense of camaraderie and their dedicated service. Inspired by their work, Luo Ben and a group of other equally passionate individuals decide to join the rescue squad. Surviving their hellish training, Luo Ben and his fellow recruits are ready to start putting their lives on the line. Called into action when disaster next strikes, does this ragtag band of would-be heroes have what it takes to transform into an elite rescue unit? Full of heart-stopping thrills and tender moments, “Light Chaser Rescue” is a 2022 Chinese action romance drama directed by Zhang Tong.