My Story For You
Available on Viki
It is the late 1990s at the height of the dot-com bubble, and a young developer named Zhang Changgong (Luo Jin) is a rising star at an IT company. At the peak of his success, he meets university student Li Muzi (Zheng Shuang), the only child of a wealthy family headed by a powerful military patriarch. But as the dot-com bubble bursts, the IT industry falls apart, and Zhang Changgong suddenly finds himself out of work.   In an effort to reinvent himself, Zhang Changgong resolves to become an author. His journey is arduous, but can his love for Li Muzi help him become a successful writer?   This drama was shot in Shanghai, Beijing, and New York, and was based on a novel named “Love the Whole World,” written by Tangjia Sanshao.   “My Story for You” is a 2018 Viki Original Chinese drama series directed by Yu Cuihua, written by Mobao Feibao and produced by Xiong Xiaoling.