The Girl in Blue
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One lover can’t stand up to his mother and another lover also must leave her behind. You Jia Qi (Joe Chen) falls in love after meeting Meng He Ping (Feng Shao Feng), and the two start dating. But He Ping’s mother strongly objects to their relationship, and the stress breaks the two apart. Years later, Jia Qi meets Ruan Zheng Dong (Roy Chiu) and runs into He Ping again because he and Zheng Dong are childhood friends. To get over the heartache of seeing He Ping again, Jia Qi begins dating Zheng Dong. But when Zheng Dong realizes that he has terminal cancer, he is determined to bring Jia Qi and He Ping back together. Will Jia Qi realize too late which man holds the key to her heart? “Girl in Blue” is a 2010 Chinese drama series directed by Shen Yi.