Jon Turteltaub

Jon Turteltaub

Turteltaub began a successful collaboration with Disney Studios and had a surprisingly popular film on his hands with "3 Ninjas" (1992), a routine but harmless children's comedy adventure which marked a breakthrough collaboration between the US and South Korea in the production of a film. Action and comedy met once again for Turteltaub in his next film, the sleeper smash "Cool Runnings" (1992). Word of mouth helped sell this feel-good comedy about a Jamaican bobsled team, and the same audience response helped propel his Disney follow-up, the less boisterous romantic comedy, "While You Were Sleeping" (1995), which fully established Sandra Bullock as a film star and Bill Pullman as a romantic lead. While his first batch of films had been fun, but some might say frothy, Turteltaub took on a film with a slightly more substantial center with "Phenomenon" (1996), in which John Travolta played a man struck by lightning who not only becomes a genius because of it, but learns about humanity as well.