Vincent Macaigne

Vincent Macaigne

Vincent Macaigne was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Macaigne began his career with roles in "A Burning Hot Summer" (2012), "The Rendez-Vous of Déjà-Vu" (2013) and "2 Automnes, 3 Hivers" (2014). Macaigne began to focus on film after appearing in the Ludivine Sagnier comedic drama "Fool Circle" (2014), "La bataille de Solférino" (2014) and "Tonnerre" (2014). He also appeared in the dramatic period piece "Eden" (2015) with Félix de Givry, "Les Deux Amis" (2015) and "Des nouvelles de la planète Mars" (2016). More recently, Macaigne acted in the drama "The Innocents" (2016) with Lou de Laâge.