Working Class
Yam (Samuel Hui), Sunny (Tsui Hark) and Ah Hing (Teddy Robin) are buddies. They are all dismissed creating havoc in their jobs.In order not to disappoint his mother, Yam pretends he has been promoted with a raise. Out of financial difficulty, Hing has to rely on Sunny, who live with his girlfriend Jane, (Angie Leung) but she disapproves of the arrangement. She even threatens to break up the relationship.The trio are employed by a noodle factory which has a very poor labour relationship. The manager, supervisor and foreman are always picking on their subordinates. Finally the workers decide to take an united front to oppose their superiors.Yam meets a beautiful girl Amy (Joey Wong) and mistakes her for an ordinary class girl but Amy is the daughter of the proprietor of the noodle factory. A series of light hearted events happen one after another as Yam tries to court Amy.
Starring Samuel Hui, Teddy Robin, Hark Tsui
Director Hark Tsui