M. C. Gainey

M. C. Gainey

Since the early 1980s, Mike Connor Gainey, better known by his initials M.C., has appeared in countless television shows and movies. With his hulking frame and menacing facial features, the actor has more often than not been typecast as a criminal, hillbilly, or both. Following his 1981 debut in "Pennies from Heaven," Gainey appeared in small roles in a number of popular shows throughout the rest of the decade, including the nostalgic sitcom "Happy Days," the rollicking "The Dukes of Hazzard," and the '80s action staple "The A-Team." The actor got a shot at playing a lead role with the 1990 legal series "Against the Law" as rough-and-tumble investigator J.T. "Miggsy" Meigs, but the program only ran for one season. For the rest of the decade, Gainey continued to appear in long-running procedurals like "Matlock" and the action show "Walker, Texas Ranger" while also branching out into films, playing memorable parts as miscreants in "Con Air" and "Breakdown." Gainey continued to be a versatile, busy character actor throughout the 2000s, appearing as sinister Tom Friendly on the enigmatic desert-island drama "Lost."


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