Ролан Быков

Ролан Быков

Rolan Bykov was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Bykov began his acting career appearing in various films, such as "Away from It All" (1981), the Yuri Nikulin drama "Chuchela" (1985) and "Chicherin" (1986). Bykov also lent his vocal talents to "Scamper The Penguin" (1986). He continued to work steadily in film throughout the eighties, appearing in "Komissar" (1988) and "Proverka na dorogakh" (1988). During the latter half of his career, he tackled roles in "Ono" (1989) and "Pisma Myortvovo Chelovyeka" (1989). Bykov more recently acted in the Roma Alexandrovitch dramatic period piece "Ivan and Abraham" (1994).